Arrowhead Reed frog leaping

Arrowhead Reed frog leaping

Legs & feet are very sucsessful in a frog. Frogs can easily get around almost anywhere while hopping including mudflat's and the higher up branches in trees. Frogs dominate water and land, and hopping also is a good way of moving there too.


Frogs need to change up some stuff in order to fit in different environments.


Species such as toads have shorter back legs, due to the fact that they spend more time on land. This can be helpful for climbing over uneven ground. A con, however, is that they can't leap as far. Some species like tree frogs are the best at leaping, and they have very long hind legs.


"Climing species need fingers and toes that will grip well. They need to be able to wrap around twigs and tend to be more flexible than the digits of aquatic frogs, which are stiffened into paddles used in swimming."

How they workEdit

They coil up their tendons. This catapults them very far, as muscles alone are not capable of launching them so far. Before they jump, its calf muscle will shorten up, which loads energy into their tendons. All of the energy is required in about 100 milliseconds, so the calf muscle stops moving.


  • A frogs legs take one fourth of their body mass.