Users may choose to add specific rules to their talk pages/blog posts if they wish. You must make these rules in clear print. It's not violating the rules if someone replies to you on someone else's blog post.


Blogs/talk pages/ chatEdit

  • You may cuss on blog posts/user talk pages/your own profile/chat and no where else, unless from a valid quote.*
  • Show respect. If you have a negative opinion on something/someone, then give a good reason. (Good is defined as reasoning that isin't circular, prejiduce, or contradictory.)*
  • The only place you may discuss off topic subjects is on the chat feature.*
  • Leave a signature at the end of your talk page comments.


  • Do not directly rip any text from other scources. (This applies to the above section aswell.)*
  • Only link a page once per section.
  • Don't use different fonts unless necessary.
  • If you have something that applies to a specific frog/something else, put it under the "Trivia" section.
  • You may put whatever you want in the "Edit Summary" section, except for spam/advertising.*


The style for mainspace pages should go like this

Page name

  • Basic description


Repeat as many times as necessary.

Trivia (If nessessary)Edit

  • Bulletted list*


You may put other stuff on if you want, but they must serve a valid purpose.

Other types of pages can be however you want!


  • Do not erase a whole section/all content important information unless you have a good reason, which must be stated in your "Edit Summary".*
    • The same applies for categories.*

If it's an accident, then undo your edit quickly.

Non-frog related stuffEdit

Non-frog related things are tolerated on here, but they must be in use, and must be valid (not put there just to be put there, except for with profile pics.)

Off LimitsEdit

Don't edit archives. You may edit other peoples personal stuff unless they let you.*


If an astrick is at the end of a rule, that means that violating it will result in punishment. Please follow the other rules aswell, though. Continuallly breaking minor rules will also result in punsihment.